AI changes UAE education

UAE experts say the creation of generative artificial intelligence (AI) has been the biggest game changer in education since the internet boom of the 1990s. Generative artificial intelligence will completely change the way we learn, said speakers at a conference in Dubai.

The event, ‘The Future of Generative Artificial Intelligence in Education’, held at the University of Birmingham’s Dubai campus, attracted senior representatives from government, the private sector and academia to talk about the impact of generative artificial intelligence on the education system, teachers and students.

“It’s been a great boom that has changed the way universities work. Content can be put online, digitised and immediately available to a wide range of people,” said Dr Ruchit Agrawal, associate professor and head of outreach at the School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham, Dubai.

He said the beauty of generative AI is that it can handle multiple modalities such as text, images and audio. In education, it can be used to help students with special educational needs or to personalise learning.

Noshaba Anbrin, associate professor of education and digital lead at the University of Birmingham in Dubai, said teachers need to be able to fully utilise advanced technology in their work to ensure that students are prepared for a future in which AI is embedded in most workplaces and sectors, as well as in everyday life.

In March, it was revealed that schools in the UAE are set to introduce artificial intelligence-generated ‘tutors’.

Source: The National News

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