Camping season

Camping season starts in Dubai

Dubai Municipality has announced the opening of the camping season in the Al Aweer desert – it starts on 17 October and will last until April 2024. Outdoor enthusiasts will be able to enjoy a unique desert experience in family campsites.

The municipality has, among other things, equipped special places for elderly people and tourists with special needs to make their holidays accessible and comfortable. Areas have been set up for business owners who want to offer their goods and services to holidaymakers.

Those wishing to camp in the wilderness must apply for a permit on the municipality’s website. Campers can choose between single and twin sites, which are 20 metres by 20 metres and 20 metres by 40 metres respectively.

The campsites are for family use only and cannot be sublet to tour companies or hotels. Last winter, Dubai released an interactive guide for lovers of wilderness holidays in the nature – everyone can learn from it about the location of campsites and picnic areas.

The guide also includes tips on how to barbecue outdoors and make the most of winter holidays in the United Arab Emirates.

From the guide, you can find out what equipment you need to camp, with information on where to sell it. Outdoor holidays in the UAE can be enjoyed not only in the desert, but also in the mountains, beaches, parks, lakes and other places.

The guide lists companies that organise picnics, help set up camping tents, caravans and even outdoor cinemas for groups of all sizes.

Outdoor recreation in Dubai can be found in the mountainous Hatta, Al Qudra, Al Awir, Al Ruwayaah, Al Marmoom and Half Desert Road areas. Among the city’s recreational areas listed are Dubai Creek Park, Al Barari Nature Escape, Wadi Hatta Park, Safa Park, Leem Rest Area, Jumeirah Beach, Al Khazzan Park and others.

Source: Gulf Business

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