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Ma Hawa creates dispensers to get clean water from the air

All UAE residents will soon be able to drink clean water created from the air in their own homes and offices thanks to Ma Hawa. Ma Hawa, an Emirates-based company, has produced dispensers of varying capacities to produce such water. Last week, hundreds of visitors to the recently concluded Gitex Global exhibition were able to sample drinking water produced by the company from the air.

The products are currently only produced for corporate customers, but will be available at retailers in the near future. The company also produces bottled water in two volumes – 330ml priced at Dh3 and 700ml priced at Dh6.

According to Amro Asmael, marketing director of Ma Hawa, before water becomes drinkable, it goes through several important stages. Purified air is sucked in and cooled to release the water. The resulting condensate undergoes a purification process, resulting in safe and clean drinking water.

The system first uses a series of filters to purify the air. The water then enters a buffer tank where it undergoes three layers of filtration. In the final stage, the water is treated with ultraviolet light to kill bacteria.

It is learnt that the Dh14,000 Genny dispenser can create 30 litres of drinking water per day and is designed for use in homes and small offices. It has already been sold to Adnec, government agencies, exhibition centres, parks and offices of various corporations.

“This dispenser produces 11,000 litres of water annually without using any water resources, saves the planet from 45,000 plastic bottles per year, and reduces the carbon footprint by 4.5 tonnes per year,” added Mr Asmael.

The portable format dispenser, dubbed Mobile Box, produces up to 25 litres of fresh drinking water per day, and will be ideal for outdoor recreation. It is priced at AED 18,000.

 Source: Khaleej Times

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