Dubai enters top 25 best cities in the world

Dubai maintains its leading position in the MENA region and is among the top 25 best cities in the world in terms of attracting and retaining skilled professionals, innovative ideas and capital, according to Kearney’s Global Cities Report.

This year Dubai ranked 23rd on the global list, down one place from last year. According to this indicator, the emirate surpassed such cities as Barcelona, Istanbul, Boston, Frankfurt, Vienna, Miami and others.

Dubai as the business capital of the region has become a point of attraction for multinational corporations opening their head offices: thanks to its world-class infrastructure, favourable tax environment, availability of qualified personnel, high level of security and transport accessibility.

Dubai is also the most active in attracting tourists and foreign capital. The rankings assessed criteria such as human capital, information exchange, cultural experience, political and business activity.

Abu Dhabi rose 10 places in the global ranking and strengthened its position as a leading international hub. Rankings also improved for cities such as Riyadh, Muscat and Doha, which were able to attract more talent after the tourism and airline sectors recovered from the pandemic. Globally, New York, London, Paris, Tokyo and Beijing maintained their leading positions.

Source: Khaleej Times

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