Robots to keep bicycle lanes clean in Dubai

Dubai municipality is automating the process of cleaning bicycle lanes – unmanned electric vehicles will keep them clean on the city’s beaches. The eco-friendly type of transport moves at a speed of 40 km/h.

Testing has now begun on the bicycle lanes along Jumeirah and Umm Suqeim beaches, as part of a strategy to effectively manage waste and enhance the aesthetic appeal of Dubai’s tourist areas.

The new electric vehicles are equipped with rotating cleaning brushes and sensors that recognise passers-by and activate an automatic braking system to avoid collisions. The vehicles can run continuously for eight hours without recharging.

Earlier on the beaches of Dubai began using artificial intelligence technology developed in Israel to save drowning people. The video broadcasts in real time, and if the AI detects behaviour typical of a drowning person, it instantly raises the alarm.

The technology has been used on beaches in Israel, Brazil, Canada and the US. The software uses deep learning, computer vision and risk assessment algorithms to identify swimmers in distress, unattended children, reference currents, coastal holes and eddies.

The algorithm runs continuously and tracks all movements of people entering the sea. It can activate automatic speakers and spotlights, and send drones with lifebelts to bathers in danger.

These technologies help lifeguards who are constantly on duty on beaches. Dubai Municipality is known to have set up a team of patrolling lifeguards to ensure the safety of visitors to the city’s beaches. The team consists of 140 members, including 124 highly trained lifeguards and 12 supervisors.

Source: Khaleej Times

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