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PublishisHer Excellence Awards launched in the Emirates

Sheikha Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi, founder of PublishisHer and Kalimat Group, has established the PublishisHer Excellence Awards. The award will recognise women for excellence in the field of publishing.

Speaking at a conference ahead of the International Book Fair, Sheikha Bodour said the award will highlight the contributions of women publishers, and encourage them to advance in their careers.

As Al Qasimi reported: “In my experience, women are very good at working in teams, and supporting each other, despite stereotypes that say otherwise.”

The PublisHer Excellence Awards have three main objectives: to highlight women’s professional achievements, to champion diversity, equality and inclusion, and to promote professional development.

The award will be presented in three categories:

– For outstanding achievement in publishing that has had a significant and lasting impact on the industry (minimum 20-year career),

– for Leadership – to a rising star in the publishing industry for their breadth of vision and ability to drive positive change (under the age of 35),

– for Innovation – to any woman responsible for innovative contributions to the publishing industry, such as story writing and content curation, editorial leadership, management strategies, corporate culture and marketing campaigns.

Anyone can submit one or more entries in each category via social media X, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook pages.

Entries will be open until 15 January 2024, after which the PublishisHer Excellence Awards jury will shortlist and select the winners.

Source: Gulf News

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