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Dubai Airports to build mega airport

Dubai Airports is planning to replace the world’s busiest airport, Dubai International (DXB), with an even bigger one as passenger traffic continues to grow at an incredible rate.

“Once we reach approximately 120 million passengers per year – which is what we believe is the total capacity of DXB (Dubai International) at optimum utilisation, we will need a new airport. This is projected to happen in the 2030s,” said Paul Griffith, CEO of Dubai Airports.

DXB can currently handle 100 million passengers a year, but innovative technology, refurbishment and more efficient use of space and resources could increase its capacity to 120 million.

Details of the cost and capacity of the new airport have not been disclosed at this time. However, Mr Griffith clarified that the new airport will be designed modularly rather than terminal-based, making it easier to expand over time.

“We are not planning an airport with terminals. We are going to completely change the business model of airports, make them much more cosy and get rid of all the outdated processes that we have had to subject our customers to for too long,” he added.

In 2023, DXB Airport handled a total of 57.5 million bags, with a handling success rate of 99.8 per cent – 2.5 misdirected bags per 1,000 passengers. In terms of baggage delivery on arrival, 91% of all bags were delivered to guests within 45 minutes. Baggage volume in 2023 is 106.07% of 2019 baggage volume at DXB.

The average waiting time in the passport control queue was less than 11 minutes for 96.4% of arriving passengers, while 95.1% queued in the passport control queue for departures for less than six minutes.

Source: Khaleej Times

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