Wheel of Knowledge

Emirati artist creates Wheel of Knowledge

Emirati artist and aircraft designer Suad Al Shamsi has unveiled an installation titled Wheel of Knowledge. The sculpture symbolises the cycle of education and science. Artists Rihab Saidan and Seham Alwazeri participated in the appearance of this masterpiece.

The installation was created in honour of Sharjah’s recognition as the City of Knowledge, and represents the tyre of an aircraft wheel made up of more than 2,000 books donated by Al Mawaheb School.

The sculpture celebrates the eternal journey of education, science and knowledge, and pays tribute to the importance of preparing future generations for a brilliant tomorrow. The unusual and eye-catching object was displayed in the Opportunity Pavilion.

Education is a cornerstone of development in the United Arab Emirates, and initiatives such as the Wheel of Knowledge serve as a perfect example, combining education with crucial actions to combat climate change in particular.

The 28th Climate Change Conference kicked off at Expo City on 30 November, and will run until 12 December 2023. It will be attended by more than 70,000 delegates, including heads of state and world leaders from 198 countries, representatives of youth and non-governmental organisations.

Two zones have been organised at the event site: a blue zone for official delegations and a green zone for business and community representatives. Special Nol cards were issued for COP28 participants, allowing them to use the country’s public transport free of charge during the conference.

It is also worth recalling that temporarily, from 1 to 3 December, in connection with the start of the COP28 conference and the celebration of the 52nd National Day for the UAE, there will be a partial change in traffic patterns on Dubai’s main motorway, Sheikh Zayed Highway. The changes will affect the section from Trade Centre Roundabout to Expo Intersection, and will be in effect from 7am to 11am for three days.

Source: Khaleej Times

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