Shebab Allam

Shebab Allam sets new world record

A Dubai-based athlete named Shebab Allam swam 10.7 kilometres in handcuffs and shackles on Sunday. The Egyptian-born swimming instructor hopes he has set a new world record.

He also hopes his unusual achievement of becoming the first person to swim the distance with shackled legs and arms will make it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Mr Allam has set open water swimming records in handcuffs before, being the first to swim 25km from Dubai Creek to Dubai Canal in 2020. Now his new record will be verified by Guinness World Records experts.

According to the athlete, his swim yesterday came with some serious challenges: “I could take breaks every three kilometres to stretch my back, but I was not allowed to touch the boat, which is a Guinness World Records standard.”

“That was one of the rules and the distance between the two hands in handcuffs was supposed to be no more than 20cm, but I had about 5cm, so it was much more difficult for me,” adds Mr Allam.

According to the swimming instructor, in the previous test he was able to combine four styles of swimming: breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle and dolphin. This allowed him to use different muscle groups during the six hours of swimming. This time he only had to use the dolphin style, which was much more difficult.

The athlete also talked about how he was supported by his family and friends. His mum, who lives in Egypt, travelled to Dubai for the first time to help her son. His cousin was also the timekeeper and his fiancée recorded a video to help confirm the achievement faster.

Shebab Allam expects the record to be confirmed within about two months.

Source: The National

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