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Expo City Dubai invites to unique organic farm

Expo City Dubai invites residents and guests of the Emirate to visit a unique organic farm. The exhibition offers an insight into the world of agriculture and traces the journey of organic food from sprout to table.

The farm grows fully organic food for humans and animals. Some varieties such as alfalfa, millet, oats and barley can be stored and used as food for livestock, while other varieties protect the soil from minerals.

As part of bio-intensive farming, different crops are alternately grown on the plot in co-ordination with Emirates Bio Farm. This creates a natural barrier against pests as the companion plants protect each other.

For fertiliser, the farm uses biochar, a special organic wood waste that is burned without oxygen to reduce carbon emissions. It forms a charcoal-like substance that helps the soil retain moisture and increases agricultural productivity.

Desert plants are grown on the farm because they require much less water. This is because they are adapted to the arid conditions of the country. Medicinal plants and herbs such as cassia italiana and lausonia innermis are also grown here.

A popular option for farming small areas is indoor hydroponic farming. Using only water, one vertical hydroponic farm stall at Expo City Farm is capable of producing 15kg of produce all year round. The water is recirculated, reducing water consumption by 95%.

The hydroponic room is connected to an Air Joule system that can extract water from the air. The machines are solar powered.

The farm uses spent coffee grounds from restaurants in the Expo City area to grow mushrooms. Three types of mushrooms – lion’s mane, oyster mushrooms and chestnut – are grown in a thermostat.

The farm holds seminars and cookery workshops to spread the word about the plants grown here and teach people how to use them.

Source: Khaleej Times

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