Meet Coto business social network for women

Coto, the world’s first social network exclusively for women entrepreneurs, is focused on the Middle East and aims to go global.

Driven by artificial intelligence, it will be a platform where businesswomen in the region can generate ideas, launch and expand businesses and initiatives.

Coto is currently preparing to launch in Saudi Arabia, but the company plans to expand its presence across the region, including countries such as the UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Morocco and Lebanon.

Tarun Katyal, founder and CEO of Coto, said:

“The framework is not just an empowerment tool, but a catalyst to enable women creators and their communities to create and expand their own digital businesses.”

Katyal added that the platform aims to attract creators from different countries, enriching the platform with a wide range of perspectives and content.

The company’s growth model also involves partnering with various women-led businesses and brands, as well as engaging community creators, experts and NGO leaders.

“Our approach to partnering with other brands is to partner with those brands, products and content creators that align with Coto’s value system or the mission that Coto wants to realise,” said Katyal.

He added that the platform is currently experiencing rapid growth in terms of engaging influencers and facilitating community building. The platform has already created around 150 women’s communities in the Middle East and around 6,000 globally and hopes to create several thousand such communities both in the region and globally over the next few years.

Source: Arabian Business

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