Magnum Residence Berawa Sets New Trends in Bali Real Estate Market

On December 9th, at the exclusive Capital Club in Dubai, a Bali-inspired event will be unfolded. MAGNUM ESTATE is going to introduce its latest project to Arab investors, marking a significant milestone not just in the Bali real estate market but globally.
“Investors in the UAE have a keen understanding of real estate trends and returns. We’re delighted that the presentation of MAGNUM ESTATE projects sparked considerable interest among Capital Club guests. We focus on designing and constructing high-yield properties in the prime locations of the island, not just following architectural trends but actively shaping them.” – says Andrew Senkovs, a partner at the company and Head of International Development.

Magnum Residence Berawa is a cutting-edge apartment complex situated in the heart of the popular tourist haven of Canggu, just 500 meters from the renowned Berawa Beach. Boasting four floors, over 150 units with designer finishes, and 5,000 ь2 of facilities for work and leisure, the complex offers residents a comprehensive range of services and a luxurious five-star experience.

One of the architectural highlights is the multifunctional rooftop space, featuring the world’s longest 190-meter rooftop pool, along with lounge and chill-out zones. This innovative design is expected to capture the attention of travel bloggers and celebrities. The complex’s facilities also include a restaurant, coworking space, and a fitness center, complemented by underground parking.Apartment sizes within the complex surpass standard units: one-bedroom units span 81 m2, and two-bedroom units cover 162 m2. The finishings showcase luxurious minimalism, incorporating premium materials, and the units come fully furnished with appliances. Two-bedroom apartments feature jacuzzis on the balconies. The smart home system enables residents to control devices through voice commands.

Projections indicate a yield of approximately 12% for the properties, with an expected occupancy rate surpassing 80%.
Canggu, nestled along Bali’s west coast, is a hotspot for both tourists and expats. Over the past decade, it has evolved into a thriving community with all the essential amenities for both living and working, yet it retains its cosmopolitan and serene vibe. Magnum Residence Berawa enjoys a prime location, within walking distance of the best beaches, top-notch surfing spots, shopping galleries, and a diverse array of restaurants and cafes. Development in Canggu is meticulously planned, and with limited available land, property and land prices are notably higher compared to neighboring areas.

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