Unusual coffee shops in Dubai

Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism has compiled a list of local attractions dedicated to coffee drinking culture.

The historic Al Fahidi neighbourhood is home to the Coffee Museum, where you can learn about the history of the drink, see a collection of coffee pots from different eras, and taste and buy different types of coffee beans.

There are also many coffee shops in Dubai where you can try different types of this drink, from traditional Arabic coffee to modern recipes from different countries.

Kulture House is very popular in the city. Here you can not only have a cup of coffee and a tasty snack, but also a concept shop and an exhibition hall where events are regularly held.

Comptoir 102 concept coffee house is owned by two Parisian women, so every detail of the place feels French chic. Here you can not only order vegan, gluten-free dishes and drinks, but also buy interior items, fashion collections, accessories and souvenirs.

RAW Coffee Company is very popular among connoisseurs of the aromatic drink. The owners of the establishment are adherents of an ethical approach to the production of organic coffee. Visitors come here to taste elite varieties of the drink and speciality blends, as well as to get acquainted with the process of beans processing during a tour of the roasting shop.

An unusual family cafe has opened in Dubai Festival City Mall, where visitors are served by robot waiters. Orders in Robo Cafe are taken through special interactive screens, which are installed at each table. During breaks, the robots entertain visitors with fun “dances”.

Nightjar Roastery Cafe in the Alserkal Avenue neighbourhood supplies mono-variety green coffee from plantations around the world. The aromas of freshly roasted coffee beans waft through the air here, and the menu offers a variety of international dishes, including wombok salad with Peking cabbage, New Zealand meatballs and spicy chicken shawarma with Indian spices. A cup of craft coffee will be a perfect end to the meal.

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