TYDE and BMW present the most luxurious Day Yacht ever

TYDE and BMW have unveiled the most luxurious hydrofoil yacht for private individuals. At 15 metres in length, it is the largest yacht with an electric motor to date.

The yacht was unveiled at the 28th World Climate Change Conference in Dubai in December this year. It is now available for order, with first deliveries expected in autumn 2024.

The yacht offers all the amenities without any emissions during operation. The “foiling” technology, in which the vehicle rests on hydrofoils below the water level and the hull floats above the water surface, not only saves almost 80 per cent of energy, but also allows passengers to sail very smoothly – even through the waves.

In addition to the hydrofoils, the interior of the classic-looking yacht is as bright as it is luxurious. Natural light pours in from above and from the sides, filling the interior with a unique atmosphere.

By collaborating on this forward-looking project, TYDE and BMW are combining a new perspective on electrification, sustainability and innovation for maritime mobility.

TYDE has already achieved significant success with The Icon, a first-of-its-kind battery-powered marine vehicle, in co-operation with BMW and innovation forge Designworks, a subsidiary of the BMW Group.

With an impressive range and sail-adapted hydrofoils that significantly reduce energy consumption, The Icon has set standards in the sector and has been recognised with the Wallpaper Smart Space Award and Boat Builder Award for its innovative concept.

As the first climate-friendly open-air luxury yacht, she represents the standard for innovative watercraft with the most advanced automotive technology, radical innovation and progressive design.

As a pioneer in this new category, the open yacht concept specifically addresses the needs of private users who are interested in innovative and sustainable luxury products.

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