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Abu Dhabi to host camel beauty pageant

Abu Dhabi’s Al Dhafra Festival will host the grand finale of the 17th Camel Beauty Contest – the event will take place from 20 January to 8 February 2024. Prizes will be distributed amongst camels of Asahel, Makhahim and Asahel hybrids in six age groups.

The festival aims to emphasise the role of camels in the culture and heritage of the Gulf countries, and it is not for nothing that the event attracts hundreds of breeders from across the region each year. The 17th edition of the Al Dhafra Festival was the largest ever, with 361 rounds, 35 rounds more than last year’s edition.

The festival aims to promote Bedouin and UAE cultural heritage, preserve purebred camel breeds and encourage trade in these graceful animals. It features traditional handicrafts, falconry competitions, camel milking, Arabian horse racing and an Arabian camel beauty contest.

In choosing the most beautiful camel, the jury pays attention to their long and slender necks, graceful posture, broad cheeks and large hooves. Before the competition, all camels undergo a medical examination, including X-rays.

This helps to disqualify fraudsters who use prohibited Botox injections to improve the animals’ appearance. There are 10 categories in the contest (red and black camels are the most widely represented), with winners receiving prizes ranging from US$ 1300 to 13 600.

Source: Gulf News

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