New mosque with incredible dome under construction in Sharjah

A stunning ball-shaped dome made of glass is part of a newly built mosque located at the entrance to Al Dhaid in Sharjah.

The entire cost of erecting this unique architectural gem was borne by one generous philanthropist. At the moment, the mosque is still under construction, but much of the work has already been completed.

The minaret of the mosque, made in modern style, has a characteristic spiral shape. Next to it there is a spherical glass structure – a place where believers will gather for prayer.

The interior of the mosque is characterised by sophistication, bursting with light, and the geometric shapes of the glass sphere reflect glare onto the walls and floor. At the entrance are the words of Ayat al-Qursi from the Quran, which gives the setting a spiritualised and complete feel.

Several people have already marvelled at the mosque’s design, and expressed their admiration in a video published by Sharjah TV on its official Instagram account.

One commenter wrote: “Imagine praying in it when it’s raining, it will be unforgettable.” Another commenter said: “It’s an architectural masterpiece, God bless it.”

The mosque has indeed won hearts with its appearance, combining modern aesthetics with spiritual tranquillity.

Sharjah already has many grand mosques and the new one will be a true architectural gem, as the already completed parts of the building give an idea of the aesthetic appearance and generous spirit behind the creation of this mosque. The residents of the Emirate are eagerly awaiting the mosque to open its doors to worshippers.

Source: Khaleej Times

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