Munir Karim

Munir Karim travels to 44 countries by car

A resident of Dubai, 68-year-old Munir Karim, has made an incredible journey alone, visiting 44 countries in his car. The main hero of his adventures is a Suzuki Jimny, which has travelled 195 thousand kilometres, and remarkably, 60 thousand kilometres of them – outside the UAE.

Karim’s compact companion is no ordinary car: it has a bed, kitchen, toilet and all the amenities needed for a comfortable journey. “The small size of the car allows me to rest anywhere. I have spent more than 31 nights in the car during the journey,” says Karim.

Mr Karim started travelling back in 1988, travelling to Thailand. Over the years, he has travelled to many countries, flying around Asia and Europe, visiting 86 countries in total and taking more than 300 flights. “I have collected souvenirs from every city I have visited over the past 35 years,” says the traveller.

In 2012, Karim’s family temporarily moved to Canada, where he was introduced to a different way of travelling. “In Canada, I embraced the culture of auto-travelling. At the age of 56, I travelled by car from Vancouver to Alaska, accompanied by my wife. Since then, I have been an avid car traveller,” Karim shared.

In 2016, after returning from Canada to the UAE, he travelled across Europe. The route took more than 60 days and the total mileage was 30,000 kilometres across 32 countries. “From bustling cities to serene landscapes, my car covered a variety of terrains, making the journey an unforgettable introduction to the cultures of different countries across the continent,” Mr Karim recalls.

Munir Karim always plans his trips carefully. Getting his passport and visa, researching the itinerary and clearing customs are all a major part of preparing for a trip.

“My travels have been a rich source of cultural knowledge and have taught me humility, appreciation for humanity and respect for all living beings,” Mr Karim added.

Source: Khaleej Times

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