Al Hira

Revitalisation of Al Hira begins in Sharjah

In a bid to boost cultural tourism, Sharjah has begun revitalising the ancient city of Al Hira, founded four centuries ago.

His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, recently inaugurated a memorial to commemorate the founding of Al Hira in 1613, when the Al Qawasim tribe first arrived in the coastal enclave.

Sheikh Sultan also inaugurated the house of Sultan bin Abdullah bin Majid Al Owais, which has now been converted into the 900 square metre Al Hira Literary Majlis.

The project to revitalise the old city also includes the restoration of the houses of Hamid Khalaf Bu Khasra and Khalifa Sultan Al Suwaidi.

During his visit to Al Hira, Sheikh Sultan also attended the first performance of the play ‘Al Hira Majlis’ as part of the 20th Sharjah Arab Poetry Festival.

Produced by the Sharjah National Theatre Company, written by Sheikh Sultan and published by Al Qasimi Publications, the play tells the story of Al Hira and the movement of the Al Qawasim tribe.

According to the story, the people of the town were renowned for their bravery, generosity and wealth. They were interested in sciences, arts and literature, and there were many sages, philosophers, writers and poets among them.

The revival of the old town is Sharjah’s latest project to boost tourism and attract travellers from around the world. Back in 2022, Sharjah Investment and Development Authority announced the development of Al Hira Beach, the emirate’s longest beach.

Source: Khaleej Times

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