Firefighting robots

Firefighting robots unveiled at Intersec 2024

Remote-controlled electric firefighting robots have been unveiled at Intersec 2024 in Dubai. Their main task is to assist rescuers by penetrating burning buildings in the most dangerous conditions.

They can work where smoke is too toxic for humans, can lift heavy objects, and even serve as a platform for stretchers to carry injured people. With technology like this, in the future, robots could be employed instead of taking the risk of sending firefighter rescuers into dangerous places.

Firefighting robots are equipped with cameras, and are controlled remotely by specially trained personnel. At the same time, researchers are now developing intelligent robots that will be able to make decisions on their own. In addition, they are equipped with treads, like a tank, and can easily move through dangerous places. And water or foam is sprayed through the frontal nozzle.

“Firefighting robots can extinguish flames that have broken out in a petrochemical plant, a large warehouse, buildings and structures with high temperatures and strong heat radiation. They can withstand the weight of a collapsed wall or stay in an area with hazardous pollution for a long time,” said the sales manager of the distributor company.

The firefighting robots have not yet been deployed to extinguish fires in the Emirates, but it is possible that they will soon start performing duties and assisting rescuers.

It is worth recalling that in May last year, a Dubai firefighter named Omar Al Ketbi died in the line of duty while working on a fire in Al Awira. The 29-year-old corporal died under a collapsed roof while rescuing copies of the Holy Quran. Mr Al Ketbi was a professional of the highest calibre, with an excellent understanding of safety and security procedures. During his tenure, he and his colleagues tackled some 800 fires.

Source: Khaleej Times

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