Record number of trees planted in Dubai

In 2023, Dubai planted a record number of trees – 185 thousand, thanks to which it was possible to green the territory with a total area of 2.34 square kilometres. Thus, the municipality planted about 500 trees every day.

The total green area of Dubai grew from 170 to 234 hectares. Trees were planted at 210 sites, including farms, nature reserves, main and secondary roads in Deira and Bar Dubai, as well as parks and other municipal sites.

The municipality planted among others native trees such as Gaf and Sidr, which are well adapted to regional climatic conditions, as well as Sumar, Neem, Olive, Indian Jasmine and palm trees.

Some of the evergreens that emerged in Dubai included Washingtonia, Bismarckia, Pseudobombax, Poinciana, Bougainvillea and Farnesian Acacia. The authorities place great emphasis on landscaping and beautification of roads and roundabouts.

The Green Dubai initiative not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of urban areas, but also improves air and soil quality.

In 2021, the emirate’s “Dubai 2040” development plan was unveiled, which envisages a dramatic increase in the number of green parks, recreational and public areas. The aim of such a plan is to make Dubai a better city to live in for the estimated 5.8 million people who will be living there in 16 years’ time.

The areas for economic and recreational activities will increase by one and a half times, for education and medicine by 25 per cent. The length of beaches will increase by 400%, and 60% of Dubai will be allocated for parks. The emirate will be divided into five main urban areas: Deira / Bar Dubai (the city’s historical heritage), Downtown / Business Bay (global financial centre), Dubai Marina / JBR (tourism and entertainment), Expo 2020 (an international venue for exhibitions and events) and Dubai Silicon Oasis (a centre for knowledge and innovation). Hatta is also included in the development programme, 78% of which will be set aside as nature reserves for active tourism.

Source: Gulf News

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