George Sobhi

George Sobhi creates unique portrait of Sheikh Mohammed

George Sobhi used thousands of coffee beans and spent two months working on the portrait of Sheikh Mohammed.

Through his attention to detail and passion for his craft, the artist discovered new ways of using coffee beans, which was admired by all at the World of Coffee exhibition.

“I spent 50 working days of ten hours each,” George said of the process of creating a painting, “I choose the subject, then the style and of course the purpose of the work. I read a lot about the characters and the details of their lives so I can be influenced by them as I work. I chose Sheikh Mohammed because he is a role model not only for me but for everyone in the country.”

George’s participation in World of Coffee marks an important milestone in his artistic journey. “I hope Sheikh Mohammed visits the exhibition and likes the paintings,” he said.

His journey as a coffee artist began when George Sobhi came to the UAE and tried to move away from traditional artistic norms. Fascinated by a material as interesting as coffee, he set about exploring its potential as a tool to create fine art.

With nine years of experience as a coffee artist, George’s work has gained significant recognition on social media, and has attracted the attention of government and non-governmental organisations.

He believes that art is not limited to a specific profession, but rather encompasses the essence of the human experience, with an appreciation for materials and tools that is nurtured from childhood.

Over the years, George Sobhi has presented his masterpieces in numerous cultural and art exhibitions in the region. His paintings, created exclusively from coffee beans, are mesmerising with their striking visual appeal and the profound messages they carry.

Source: Khaleej Times

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