UAE Swat Challenge

Dubai Police wins UAE Swat Challenge 2024

Dubai Police has won the UAE Swat Challenge 2024 international special forces competition. Two teams from Dubai’s law enforcement agency took first and second place after five days of competition. The Sardar team from Kazakhstan also placed in the top three.

The Dubai Police B team scored 325 points, the A team scored 303 points and Sardar finished the competition with 302 points. The competition attracted 87 teams from 48 countries, including 11 teams from the United Arab Emirates.

The total prize money totalled AED 1 million. The 2024 Abu Dhabi Police Women’s National Team made its debut at the competition.

The UAE SWAT Challenge is an unofficial world championship among special forces special forces. It is rightfully called the SWAT Olympics. Fighters take part in competitions covering tactical, assault and rescue operations aimed at testing tactical skills, intellectual concentration and physical endurance.

The UAE SWAT Challenge aims to enhance the competitiveness and effectiveness of Special Forces units, with the competition helping to better develop their skills to meet challenges and risks.

Over the course of five days, in the fiercely competitive competition, special forces personnel perform various tactical tasks, during which they overcome obstacles and hit targets with various weapons: sniper rifles, pistols and submachine guns. They also release hostages, evacuate the wounded.

Source: The National

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