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Dubai to launch air taxis in 2026

Dubai will become the first city in the world with a commercial, citywide electric air taxis service and vertiport network as early as 2026. An agreement to this effect has been signed by the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority with the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA), global leader in air taxi development Joby Aviation and leading vertiport infrastructure provider Skyports Infrastructure.

The Joby Aviation S4 is scheduled to begin commercial operations in Dubai in as early as two years. Initially, the airlift will have four car parks: near Dubai International Airport, in the Dubai Downtown and Dubai Marina areas, and on The Palm Jumeirah Island. The journey time from the airport to The Palm Island will be reduced from 45 minutes to 10 minutes.

The innovative transport service will use advanced technology to ensure safe and efficient movement of people in urban areas. The Joby Aviation S4 can carry four passengers and a pilot at a time.

It is equipped with six propellers and four battery packs, allowing it to cover a maximum distance of 161 kilometres. The air taxi has a top speed of up to 321 km/h and makes less noise than helicopters. With the ability to take off and land vertically, the taxi requires less space in urban areas.

It is worth noting that Dubai is the first place in the world to sign an agreement establishing a partnership between a government authority, the aircraft manufacturer and operator, and the vertiport owner and operator.

The Roads and Transport Authority will oversee advanced aeromobility services, Joby will provide aircraft sharing services and Skyports will receive exclusive rights to design, build and operate the vertiport network.

Air taxis help bring passengers closer to their destinations. The vehicles prioritise safety, comfort and speed, and use advanced technology in their design and manufacture.

Source: Arabian Business

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