Interview with the founder of Roasters Specialty Coffee House

This is a story that will definitely leave an impression: how a beloved hobby transformed into a thriving and successful business that captured the entire city of Dubai.

Roasters Specialty Coffee House is an Emirati brand where coffee culture intertwines with luxury, science, and art. With its full seating and lively ambiance, premium service, and distinctive, mouthwatering coffee creations, Roasters has established itself as an icon in Dubai’s coffee scene. But what sets them apart? What’s the key to their success? Let’s delve into it together!

In this interview, we are excited to introduce you to this popular chain of luxury coffee shops owned by talented entrepreneurs from Ukraine. Roasters Specialty Coffee House is a coffee shops with exquisite designs located in the most prestigious locations in Dubai, including JBR, Jumeirah, Dubai Mall, Boulevard Downtown, and more. “Roasters is changing coffee culture with its curated selection of the rarest coffee beans from around the world and trendy manual brewing methods.”


1. Tell us about your journey in the restaurant business. How did the idea to open the first Roasters come about? What is the geography of your establishments?

Roasters as a brand was born from a strong desire to serve the best coffee in the world at our coffee shop, which is why we didn’t hesitate to invest in a huge location in Jumeirah, Al Wasl. We completely renovated an old villa into a 700-square-meter coffee space, with a rooftop terrace, coffee roasting facility , VIP room, and two floors for our guests. Since then, we have participated in various auctions and imported the most elite coffee beans, assembling a collection of champions from 10 countries at Roasters. What started as a hobby has now become a full-fledged business. Today, Roasters has taken over all the most premium locations in the city and has become the market leader in quality coffee, Instagrammable interiors, and luxurious breakfasts.

2. Who are the key personalities and inspirations behind your projects?

In all F&B projects, I am inspired by my wife, who assists in launching each location. She is a significant part and one of the founders of the company.


3. What makes the coffee in your establishments unique?

In-house coffee roasting and absolute quality control. A professional team that creates the best recipes for each bean and brewing method. This way, in your coffee cup, you get a full flavor profile if you opt for manual brewing, which is our specialty.

4. What are the most popular dishes and drinks among your customers? What can be found only in your coffee shops and what are you really proud of?

The coffee we roast is unique; we don’t resell it or supply it to other restaurants. We’ve curated a coffee list from many world coffee championships. Of course, the locations we take over in the city give us reputation and confidence. The atmosphere and design, along with the numerous reposts and stories from our guests, also confirm this. While food isn’t the main focus of our business, we’re thrilled that breakfasts at Roasters are becoming iconic.


5. Tell us about the Roasters projects in the UAE? Why did you decide to expand the network of your coffee shops ? And why did you choose the Emirates?

Roasters is an Emirati brand origin, and we have plans for global expansion, which you will soon hear about. Today, Roasters can already be found in locations such as Jumeirah, Dubai Mall, JBR, Boulevard Downtown, Creek Harbour, and Dubai Harbour (Roasters Marina Beachfront coming March 2024).

6. What are your plans and goals for the future?

Next year, we plan to complete our expansion in Dubai by opening four more top-tier coffee shops and maintain the quality and leadership level in the Dubai market.

We express our gratitude to the founder of Roasters for a fantastic interview and extend our best wishes for the company’s growth, prosperity, and reaching new heights!

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