Hag Al Laila

UAE residents get ready for Hag Al Laila

Hag Al Laila, also known as Kargian, is a UAE tradition and cultural heritage that has been passed down from generation to generation. It is celebrated not only in the Emirates but also in other Gulf countries, marking the approach of the holy month of Ramadan.

The customs of celebrating Hag Al Laila have remained intact. Children dressed in traditional attire sing songs and collect sweets from noon to sunset. Emirati families also decorate their homes in bright colours as before, and hand out special treats such as nuts and chocolates to the children.

Maitha Al Hashmi, a mother of four from Dubai, said: “Our children look forward to Hag Al Laila every year. It is a magical time for them to connect to their cultural roots and have a unique experience with family and friends.”

“Hag Al Laila is an important cultural heritage passed down from generation to generation, so we celebrate it every year to keep the tradition alive for our children,” added Mrs Al Hashmi.

Reflecting on the importance of preserving cultural traditions, Hessa Al Shehi from Ras Al Khaimah said: “It is our responsibility to pass on these customs to current and future generations. Hag Al Laila serves as a reminder of the values of generosity, unity and gratitude that define our society.”

The Dubai Culture and Arts Authority will hold events to celebrate Kargian in the historic Al Shindagha neighbourhood. One of the events will be a jewellery making workshop to inspire children to learn the traditional craft.

Other masterclasses will focus on creating traditional Emirati outfits, and exploring their significance in local culture. There will also be a henna painting workshop, where children will be taught how to mix materials and create unique creations.

Children will also have the opportunity to collect gifts and sweets, and take part in popular games such as ‘Al Karabi’ and ‘Shad Al Habl’, travelling between houses, and chanting ‘Atuna Hag Al Laila’, which emphasises the value of giving and sharing on the blessed night.

Source: Khaleej Times

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