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Faisal Al Mosawi breaks world record in Dubai

A diver named Faisal Al Mosawi, who is paralysed from the waist down, has set another world record in wheelchair diving. The record was set at the Dubai Mall aquarium.

Mr Al Mosawi, 38, was born in Kuwait and played football at Al-Salmiya Sporting Club until a horrific car accident left him paralysed in 2005. Two years after the accident, he discovered his passion for diving, and never looked back.

“After a series of operations, when I still hoped to walk again, I was frustrated and isolated myself from people by staying at home all the time. But one day, I decided to become a new person and take a different path,” the diver revealed.

Setting out to let all people with disabilities know that everyone can fulfil their dreams, he travelled to Egypt, Indonesia, the Maldives and Thailand to pursue his new hobby.

After breaking two world records in 2018 and 2022, Mr Al Mosawi decided to try to set a third in Dubai. In 2018, he became the fastest scuba diver in the world, covering a distance of 10 kilometres in five hours and 24 minutes, breaking the record held by a non-disabled scuba diver.

Four years later, he broke another world record to become the fastest scuba diver, swimming 1km in less than an hour in the Maldives. And on Monday he completed the fastest dive using an underwater wheelchair, his record time of 37 minutes.

“I am very pleased and excited. This achievement is a testament to man’s limitless capabilities,” he said, “And I am proud to have demonstrated my skill.

“This record is for every person who wants to give up limitations. Nothing is impossible,” Mr Al Mosawi added.

After setting the record, the diver thanked his family, his coaching team and the Dubai Sports Council.

Source: The National

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