Dubai Police breaks crime detection records with AI help

According to crime detection charts, it takes Dubai Police just 10 days to solve a crime, compared to two months in Germany, 35 days in the US and 180 days in France.

With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), what used to take hours can now be done in just five minutes. Using innovative algorithms, Dubai Police has not only sped up the process of solving criminal cases, but also, taking into account psychological aspects, societal values and traditions, can avoid performing autopsy procedures on the dead without an urgent need.

“The latest technology we have is virtual autopsy. We are now using artificial intelligence to reduce this lengthy procedure to a small process. The AI itself will determine whether a physical autopsy needs to be conducted or not,” explained Major General Ahmed Thani bin Ghalita Al Muhairi, Director of the General Directorate of Criminal Evidence and Criminology.

“This technology has allowed us to reduce the process from five hours to five minutes and we, Dubai Police, have become the third institution to utilise this innovation. The device, which works like a CT scanner but is designed for forensic science, examines the body and produces a report showing whether there are suspicious aspects or not,” Mr Al Muhairi said at the World Police Summit.

The Major General has been with the Dubai Police for 37 years and in that time has witnessed the incredible development of the police force. Reflecting on the progress made, he said: “The development has taken place in three phases: progress of people, capacity and infrastructure. We have built a state-of-the-art building, 25 per cent environmentally friendly, at a cost of AED 550 million, which is the biggest investment made by Dubai Police.”

Separately, Mr Al Muhairi also highlighted the growth of the Directorate General of Criminal Evidence and Criminology itself. Starting with just six people in 1986, the department now has more than 600 highly qualified professionals. In addition, special attention has been paid to the empowerment of women, with 40 per cent of the department’s staff being women.

Source: Khaleej Times

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