Briar Prestidge

Briar Prestidge to use microchip in hand instead of keys

A Dubai resident Briar Prestidge will soon be able to forget about having to use keys in her daily life. The brave expatriate from New Zealand is preparing to step into the future by implanting a microchip in her hand.

A tiny electronic radio frequency identification (RFID) tag about the size of a grain of rice will be surgically implanted in Briar’s hand. The procedure will be performed in the United States.

“I’m going to open myself up to technology,” Ms Prestidge said, “The chip will be implanted on the back of my hand so I can unlock my car, open the door to my house or gym.

Briar also revealed that she is working with a smart home management consulting company, adding that once the chip is implanted, she will be able to fully automate her life. “I’m a little scared, I won’t lie…. But I really want to find out what the future of humanity will be like. For me, it’s not just about the microchip, it’s about what it signifies.”

That said, Briar noted with regret that while she won’t yet have the ability to pay for purchases by simply putting her hand up to the scanner at the checkout, she’s looking forward to seeing where the queue for payment-enabled chips will be. “I’m looking forward to the advent of payment chips,” she says, “as they eliminate the need to carry around a phone with an app or a bank card.

The technology to implant microchips in people was introduced in 1998, and since then has gone from novelty to commercial reality. Today, more than 50,000 people around the world have chosen chips as a modern alternative to traditional keys or credit cards.

In Germany alone, more than 2 thousand people have already utilised the technology, with one even using it to store a link to his will. Similarly, around 3,000 Swedes have had these tiny chips implanted into their bodies over the past three years. The implants serve a variety of purposes, from accessing office buildings and gym passes to buying food from vending machines and replacing train tickets, thus making a person’s life much easier.

Source: Khaleej Times

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