Zaya Nurai Island

Zaya Nurai Island closed in the UAE

Abu Dhabi’s most luxurious hotel, located on Zaya Nurai Island, will close its doors from 1 April 2024. There is no word on the reopening date of the resort, but it has been clarified that a major renovation is still awaiting.

The resort, which occupies its own island, is expected to undergo a transformation to appear before guests in a more attractive look, with new services and facilities.

Trips to Zaya Nurai Island were described by many travellers as a trip to the tropics, a 20-minute boat ride from the Abu Dhabi mainland. Guests of the resort were served by personal butlers, guests also managed to love the Mexican restaurant Dusk Lounge.

As previously reported, the Aman luxury hotel chain will debut in the United Arab Emirates – a boutique luxury resort Aman Dubai will open in Dubai’s Jumeirah 2 neighbourhood in 2027. The hotel will be a unique luxury product with private pools and green gardens, as well as a luxury spa, and will offer views of Dubai and the sea.

The Aman Dubai resort will reportedly take the hospitality industry in Dubai to a new level. It will be surrounded by a 3.6 hectare garden and park area. Aman will recreate the botanical gardens of One Beverly Hills resort in Los Angeles and double its size. Travellers will have access to a 350-metre private beach and the country’s first Aman Spa, a 2,300-square-metre spa.

The hotel will have a private Aman Club and its members will have access to villas, a spa, restaurants, meeting rooms, a cinema and one of Dubai’s best beaches. In addition to the hotel, the resort will also house a number of residences.

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