Tons of counterfeit products seized in Dubai

The Economic Crimes Department of the General Directorate of Criminal Investigations of the Dubai Police has registered 1,297 intellectual property offences and seized counterfeit products worth AED 8.79 billion over the past five years.

The cases involved 1,339 suspects. Authorities have warned the public against breaking the law in the intellectual property sector, which is often linked to drug trafficking and organised crime.

For example, criminals earn more money from selling counterfeits than from drug trafficking. The police conducted 122 operations to process counterfeit goods, destroying about 694 thousand units of goods.

The seized counterfeits included women’s bags, watches, accessories and clothes bearing the names of famous world brands. Recycling counterfeit goods helps brand owners get rid of copied products and protect the environment.

In spring 2023, 214,000 units of counterfeit clothes worth Dh91 million were seized from an abandoned warehouse in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, the Emirate’s Department of Economic Development said. It noted that the clothes had tags of 28 international brands.

The company involved in the counterfeit trade was based out of Ras Al Khaimah and conducted its business using abandoned warehouses from where they exported the goods to other emirates and sold them at an undervalued price (compared to branded goods).

Dubai Customs managers regularly train their inspectors on the latest methods of detecting counterfeit goods and preventing them from entering or transiting local markets.

Source: Gulf News

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