Immersee: new interactive space in Dubai

Dubai’s Sustainable City neighbourhood has launched a new interactive space, Immersee, which is a 360-degree immersive installation dedicated to the diversity of our planet’s nature and the relationship between man and nature.

Diving under the water, crossing the canals of Venice and seeing the northern lights – all this is possible in Immersee. At Immersee, guests will be treated to films that transport them to different parts of the planet and showcase the beauty and fragility of nature, digital art and educational projects.

Now available to visit is the Eight Path Boundless exhibition, which will tell the inspiring stories of 6 heroes from different countries. Visitors will be taken on a journey from the mountainous landscapes of the Alps and frosty Siberia to the bustling streets of the city of Mumbai and the race tracks of Monaco.

As previously reported, a unique multi-sensory museum teamLab Phenomena Abu Dhabi is under construction on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, dedicated to technology, science, arts and environment at the same time.

The project will be completed and open to the public in 2024, with a huge immersive space of 17,000 square metres awaiting visitors. It will be realised in collaboration with Japanese artist collective teamLab.

According to teamLab founder Toshiyuki Inoko, the project will help expand people’s ideas about the planet and introduce them to the ideas of tomorrow. The main objective of the project is to stimulate human curiosity and develop imagination.

The exposition will explore the relationship between man and the world around him. The exhibits will evolve freely and organically as if they were life forms themselves. Phenomena will help develop critical intellectual thinking and open up a new world.

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