Sharjah: The Board Game

Brothers from UAE create Sharjah: The Board Game

Four brothers from the UAE have created an intelligent board game called Sharjah: The Board Game. The emirate’s Central Market Square was the main source of inspiration for the developers of the game, which is an ode to the love of their hometown.

Placing the game in the Central Market seemed like an obvious choice, as the brothers admit: the structure epitomises Sharjah in some ways, and has some unique architectural elements that ended up making it into the game. The brothers visited the Central Market several times, photographed it, and designed the game based on its architecture.

The game is set in 1978: Sharjah Central Market has just opened, and each player is vying for the opportunity to set up shop in the Emirate’s most respected shopping destination.

However, competition is fierce – there are other traders to be reckoned with. Some of them may inadvertently help to achieve the goal, while others will actively try to undermine their rivals’ efforts. The world of business can be brutal, so it is not advisable to relax in this battle.

The rules of the game are well thought out, so players will have a new experience every time. Designed for two to five players, the game starts at a relaxed pace. Players receive four dirham tokens, two goal cards and two action cards.

Naturally, building shops is the key to winning the game. For each shop built, players receive points that allow them to advance through the board’s fields. There are five categories of shops including jewellery, antiques, carpets, clothing and electronics.

Players alternate their moves – pulling dirham tokens, building shops, or playing action cards. While the game is relatively calm at the beginning, it gets busier and more heated with each turn.

Sharjah: The Board Game is currently available for purchase at the Racks shop and its website at a price of AED 189. However, the game will soon be available at other shops including Kinokuniya.

Source: The National

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