Dubai Prince posts video of ‘bathing’ elephants

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, posted a video on social media showing elephants rejoicing in the rain. The video has gone viral.

The short video shows five African elephants grazing in the desert against the backdrop of Dubai’s skyline and an overcast sky. The Crown Prince of Dubai frequently shares photos and videos of Dubai’s rainy weather with his 16.3 million followers.


Sheikh Hamdan shares viral video of elephants enjoying the rain in DubaiThe Crown Prince of Dubai often shares photos and clips celebrating rainy weather in Dubai. #dubai #rain credit: faz3

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On 16 April 2024, the heaviest downpours with thunderstorms in 75 years hit all regions of the United Arab Emirates.

The Hatm al-Shakla area in Al Ain in Abu Dhabi received 254.8 mm of rainfall, an all-time record in the history of the United Arab Emirates. This event will certainly go down in the UAE’s climate history.

A terrifying moment was caught on camera when a huge bolt of lightning struck the ground in the town of Shahbut in Abu Dhabi and seemed to explode on impact. Another video showed motorists in Jessore, Abu Dhabi, being hit by a barrage of giant hailstones that shattered their windscreens.

In Dubai, the flooding response continues, with many highways remaining closed to traffic due to flooding, with cars and even buses continuing to float in giant puddles.

In Abu Dhabi and Dubai, many buildings and neighbourhoods are experiencing power and water outages. Car parks on the lower floors of buildings also remain flooded.

Source: Gulf News

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