Dubai entered top 6 wedding destinations

Dubai has made it into the top 10 wedding destinations in the world, ranking sixth. The number of weddings in Dubai continues to grow and more couples are choosing to say their vows in the emirate, according to a study by Bounce.

The ranking was based on a study of Dubai’s popularity on social media and search engines like Google, besides taking into account the cost of airfares and hotel accommodation in different months of 2024.

Dubai scored 7.31 out of 10 in the ranking. The study revealed 620.6 thousand social media posts and 31.8 thousand Google searches related to weddings in Dubai. The results showed that the best month for a wedding ceremony was August, when the average cost of a hotel room is AED 433.

Dubai is an ideal urban destination with access to a clean, warm beach and iconic architecture, so more and more people want to spend the special moments of their lives there. Leading the rankings, meanwhile, was Tuscany.

Dubai is home to bold luxury, the perfect urban holiday destination with sand, sea and mountains making everything even more beautiful. No wonder more and more people want to spend the best moments of their lives here. Also in the top 10 most popular wedding destinations were Lake Como, Sicily, Bali, Santorini, Ibiza and Mallorca.

Source: What’s On

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