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Giant forest zone to appear in Dubai

Dubai has unveiled plans for the world’s largest coastal regeneration project, called the Dubai Mangroves. It is about the transformation of 72 kilometres of coastline, which will become home to 100 million mangrove trees.

The project will not only help protect marine biodiversity, but will also help create 10,000 jobs and develop the ecotourism industry in Dubai as a whole. Also, it will improve the condition of seaweed and coral reefs.

The project is at the research stage, which is ongoing in six seaside areas. These include Jebel Ali beach, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah, Umm Suqeim and Dubai Islands beach. Innovative coastal restoration techniques will be tested at these sites.

Dubai Mangrove Forests will include beach parks and public spaces, cycling and jogging paths, beachfront amenities. An eco-centre will be created where the local community can get involved in environmental issues.

At the Nature Conservation Centre, visitors will be able to learn more about mangrove trees and conservation. The Botanical Museum will bring together interactive exhibits that tell the story of plant evolution and adaptation, as well as exhibits on coastal protection, climate change and biodiversity.

The glass-domed museum will be a space for communication with the public and will host workshops, events and seminars, including for a new generation of eco-activists.

Mangroves are known to absorb 1.23 million tonnes of CO2 per year – exactly the amount produced by 260,000 petrol-powered cars. There are plans to use artificial intelligence technology to monitor mangroves and manage conservation efforts.

Source: The National

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