Dubai Gaming Visa

Dubai Gaming Visa initiative launched in UAE

Dubai Government has announced the Dubai Gaming Visa initiative – introducing long-term visas for talent, creators and innovators in electronic gaming.

The objective of the initiative, which is part of the Dubai Gaming Development Programme, which runs until 2033, is to place Dubai among the top 10 cities in the world in terms of gaming industry development.

Its contribution to the emirate’s GDP, in turn, is set to grow to US$ 1bn. Dubai Gaming Visa is a platform that will encourage people working in the e-gaming industry to develop new skills and upgrade their qualifications. The platform will also offer access to investment to help turn innovative ideas and concepts into successful projects.

The new ‘gaming’ visas will increase Dubai’s attractiveness as a leading destination for entrepreneurs, investors, gamblers, web developers, designers and programmers.

In addition, the initiative will attract people with innovative ideas to the emirate, as well as new and established companies specialising in the development and production of content, gaming applications and artificial intelligence.

Dubai will take another step towards becoming a global centre of culture, an incubator of creativity and a thriving hub for talented professionals. The e-gaming segment is expected to create 30,000 new jobs by 2033.

Dubai is using its opportunities to attract leading gaming industry professionals. The city is also organising various events and exhibitions to celebrate the rapid growth and expansion of this sector.

Gaming visa candidates can apply on the Dubai Culture Authority website or on the official website of the Dubai Gaming Visa initiative itself.

Source: Arabian Business

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