Mr Thank You

Mr Thank You ranks among World Top 200 Influencers

In the dynamic world of social media and digital content creation, one name is hitting the headlines: Mr Thank You. In his 36 years, Mr Thank You, whose real name is Sergey Kosenko, has quickly become a well-known artist, blogger, philanthropist and entrepreneur. He divides his time between the bustling cities of Dubai and Los Angeles, where he combines his professional endeavours with his family life: he is married to Sasha Belair and is the father of a child named Leo.

The success of the new internet star Mr Thank You is followed by millions of people. And today he has made it to the top 200 most influential people in the world.

Over the past month, Mr Thank You’s social media presence has exploded, making him the fastest growing blogger on the planet. His Instagram account alone has racked up 15 billion views. This incredible result is even more impressive when you consider that he gained over 6 million new followers in just one week. His total number of followers across all social media platforms now exceeds 40 million, a testament to his widespread popularity and engaging content.

His song “Let it Fly” was featured on MTV, garnered millions of views and solidified his status as a music artist. The track’s success is a reflection of his ability to find common ground with his audience through creative expression.

Mr Thank You’s latest track, ‘Capybara to the Moon’, has gone viral. Fans around the world have embraced the song, creating thousands of videos featuring it. This viral trend has further increased its popularity and demonstrated its influence in the music scene. The catchy melody and unique appeal of the song has captivated listeners.

In addition to his creative and digital activities, Mr Thank You is widely known for his philanthropic work. Like the famous Mr Beast, he is known for his generous donations and charitable initiatives. Mr Thank You has donated cars, flats and substantial amounts of money to the needy. Through his actions, he has not only gained a huge audience but has also become one of the leading motivators and philanthropists on social media.

Mr Thank You’s impressive achievements have not gone unnoticed by celebrities. Famous designer Philipp Plein has praised his success, calling him “a true Mr Beast”. This high praise highlights Mr Thank You’s considerable influence and the respect it enjoys in the industry. The comparison to Mr. Beast emphasises his ability to captivate audiences with his philanthropic initiatives and innovative content.

In addition to his accolades, Mr Thank You has received significant support from PantaSon, a celebrated producer known for his work with global superstar DJ Khaled. PantaSon has announced the song Mr. Thank You’s song “Capybara to the Moon” as a new hit, recognising its potential to top charts and playlists around the world. This endorsement is a major milestone for Mr Thank You as it validates his musical talent and expands his opportunities in the industry.

There are also rumours of a possible collaboration between Mr. Thank You and DJ Khaled. Both fans and industry experts are eagerly awaiting the possibility of such a collaboration.

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