Surfing and kayaking migrate to Dubai streets

After the rain, water sports moved from the sea to the flooded streets of Dubai, with residents of the emirate kayaking and surfing on the streets. Numerous videos circulated on social media have delighted the population and have gone viral.

Thus, many Internet users noted that even in the darkest days, residents of the emirate can always find a way to entertain themselves and others when the streets of flooded villages turn into canals. One such video was filmed in the Arabian Ranches 2 neighbourhood. Two men were spotted on SUP boards near the Burj Al Arab Hotel.

Unfavourable weather conditions in the form of downpour with thunderstorms made changes in the work of Dubai International Airport. Thus, on Friday, 13 incoming flights were diverted to other airports and six outgoing flights were cancelled.

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority earlier announced the cancellation of international bus services until further notice: buses E315 from Dubai to Sharjah and E411 from Dubai to Ajman will not run.

Earlier, Dubai Municipality announced its readiness to effectively cope with emergency situations arising during heavy rain and other emergencies. The authority has created a comprehensive emergency response plan for this purpose.

The municipality recalled that Dubai has lined up a storm water drainage system with a length of more than 4 million longitudinal metres. The extensive network includes more than 72 thousand gutters for rainwater and 59 lifting and pumping stations.

Municipality staff have all the tools they need to deal with floods and waterlogging, including equipment to clean and unclog pipes, tanks to transport water, portable and water pumps to pump out water.

The drainage system is one of the most modern and efficient in the world. The municipality has urged the public to report cases of waterlogging on the Dubai 24×7 app or by calling 800900. The authority has also asked private home owners not to connect rainwater pipes to the drainage system as this could put undue strain on the network.

Source: Khaleej Times

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